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The business entity is a living, breathing thing. CH Yap knows that how well a business grows is dependent on how positively it is nurtured and cultivated.

Our team of qualified professionals are well positioned to offer you our closest attention and wealth of experience and expertise to further forward your business.

Business Improvement
Personnel Management
Corporate Advisory

A. Training, Coaching and Development

CH Yap recognises that your staff are the single most valuable asset in your organisation. With this, we work closely with your team to provide hard and soft training to prepare your valued personnel for the daily rigors of working in today's fast-paced business environment.

B. Operational Audit

Oftentimes, a close diagnosis of a business division or segment is needed to fine-tune a business to enhance its efficiency and profitability. Our team of experienced professionals are well qualified to help your team enjoy a continuous process of self-improvement to help further your business' profitability.

C. ISO Certification

Companies know that doing business with a company armed with a quality certification virtually guarantees them of a superior product.

Like our clients, we know that all companies strive to be the best in their business, and we aim help them achieve their goals.

Helping you obtain an ISO certification is but one way we can help you maximise customer loyalty and profitability.

D. Technology

Using technology gives companies an undisputed advantage in doing business faster, better and more efficiently. Whether you are implementing a solution for the first time, or moving into the arena of enhancements, we will help you achieve your goals.

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